Chris Hatanaka Photography

Professional Landscape and Architecture Photography. Please contact for any questions.
Chris Hatanaka

Hello and welcome to my website.   I am excited to share my memories and experiences with you. I am a Professional Photographer living in Southern Utah.

Photography has been a passion for a majority of my life. I didn’t realize how much it has impacted my life until after college. I knew that I loved to capture memories from a very young age. The first time I ever used a camera was on a family vacation to Mesa Verde. My parents bought me a disposable film camera. I loved running around taking pictures of the amazing landscapes and structures of the Anasazi / Pueblo people. That week was one of my favorite times with my family. I also remember trying to capture my family’s activities at camp. Everything from cooking dinners on the open fires and trying to figure out how to get the fire and my family exposed correctly. Oh the struggle that I had.

After studying Art at Dixie State University, I purchased my first Canon DSLR,  (Rebel T6i) a lifelong friend of mine invited me on a trip to Yosemite National Park. I spent the whole trip from Las Vegas to Yosemite learning about my new camera. I remember finishing the shot of Bridal Veil and being so proud of what I have accomplished. I immediately sent the file to to get my image printed out 24X36!. It hung on my office wall for a period of 4 months. When I look at that picture now, I laugh at the memory of trying desperately to take a decent picture.  I also cringe at just how bad it really was!  I defiantly have grown in the years since that trip and have loved every step of the journey.